IL Bagno Company Abuja Celebrates Women

Just when we thought the Mother’s day celebrations were over the IL Bagno company a regional distributor, manufacturers of sanitary ware other interior solutions located in Abuja, at the weekend invited a host of female clients to commemorate the day.

Speaking with Kapital FM at the event, the  Managing Director of the company Mr Micheal A. Owolabi  said “most of their marketing has been traditionally channeled at men and it seemed the women were not getting enough attention so they decided to bring women together and celebrate them since last week was Mother’s Day.

He said the mother’s day celebration  was worth it because for them at IL Bagno, the smile on the faces of their clients is important and the satisfaction their clients derive is their pride.


High points of the event were making of mocktails and drinks from pineapple, mango, tamarind and ginger which was taught by Chef  Emeka Eloagu.

This was followed by a treasure hunt where the participants were divided into smaller groups of six and were given an in complete picture of an item in the building  which they were expected to find with the help  of a guide, learn more about it and prepare a brief presentation on it,  the top three groups were rewarded at the end of the exercise.

However Children were not left out as they were also entertained in a separate room with toys food snacks and nannies to take care of them.


Lastly Chef  Eloagu took everybody through the journey of preparing sumptuous meals with everyday ingredients in a whole new dimension. He made yam balls in ofada sauce, fried prawns in akara bata, beans porridge served in plantain cups, strawberry infused puff puff, plantain bread with salted caramel, spring rolls, samosas etc.


The Chef  in an Interview with Kapital FM  said he is an internationally trained chef, he does gourmet foods, nice cuisines basically, and he interprets Nigerian foods. In such a way he tries to make food more exciting for people to eat.
A cross section of women at the event said It was a very rewarding experience because they got exposed to a lot of things they never knew before especially the simplified way of cooking food which they would love to experiment at home.

Some other  women said they got exposed to a lot of luxury equipment  they didn’t even know were available in Abuja.


At the end of the event, participants went home with various souvenirs and happy faces. You could tell a woman is happy from her facial expressions.

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