If You Knew You Will Have What You Say, What Will You Say

Well, there are many reasons to believe that sometimes we can actually have what we say ,There is power in the mind, there is power in positive confession. when you continually tell yourself you can do something, it helps your Psyche and eventually you will do it, so it is worth giving it thought to watch what we say

For example, we say, “I don’t know where my money goes so fast every month. Even when I get an an increment, there never seems to be enough money.” And true enough, we see a lack of money at the end of every month.

what if you knew for sure that you will have whatever you say, good or bad. will you not change what you have been saying to, “From now on, I will have more than enough I will be deliberate about my spending and imbibe a sustainable savings culture and daily strive towards financial independence in time you will find that you begin to believe it and to do it and it will yield positive results for you.

whatever we would focus more on becomes our reality,keep saying what you desire, affirm yourself and map out realistic goals with strategic plans to accomplish.Your life will change for the better when you stat saying the right things.

What are you speaking over your life today


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