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If You Dress Like Today Matters It Will, Make It Matter

19 November 2018 Blog News

When Its your birthday, anniversary ,or the birthday of someone close to you for that matter you dress up and look good for the occasion right?.

So what if i tell you that every single day matters and it is only proper that you make an effort to dress for each day , look good everyday, let me quickly add too that looking good does not always mean expensive, it is all about clean decent clothes that compliment your body type, colors that flatter your complexion and for the Ladies you hair is your pride keep it tidy, o matter how nice your clothes are, untidy hair will spoil everything . and again it does not have to break your bank account to keep tidy hair, combing,brushing and packing it neatly in a bun will do.

Do you still need a reason why there should be much ado about your looks daily? Let me give you one, You woke up to a fresh start, the gift of a new day, not everybody had that privilege, there you go more than enough reason

what is more, its easy and so many benefits accrue, once you get the hang of it .it becomes a part of you,earning you respect, boosting your confidence,consequently helping you build a good  image and good relationships

Here are some tips you may find handy;

For the ladies, invest in dresses, the are not only girly but time saving especially on days when you just need to up an go, for hair its a good thing wigs are trending now, so make sure you get one and be saved from a bad hair day all the time, a black pair of pants, and lovely black pencil skirt will always compliment a nice shirt or blouse anytime,nails cut short and kept clean are a good substitute for well manicured and nicely painted nails .Play around with colors that flatter your complexion 

Men that goes for you too, always keep nails trim and clean, a clean shave and haircut will always do wonders for you looks  too ,and if you are not the corporate  type always  in suit and tie , be creative, who says men can not wear some bright colors , of course you can, with moderation though.A great pair of jeans with a perfect fit, complimenting tops plus a nice comfortable pair of loafers is a must have .

By all means do not forget our sizzling hot “Akara” trousers,dresses, tops,jackets,(you name it )for both men and women

As long as it fits, its clean ,its decent you are good to go,when you look good you are like a breath of fresh air  to sore eyes, its also a civil thing to do, it shows you have respect for yourself and others,  You should know that  with your looks you can  either offend others,o lift up their spirits, always choose the latter 

Today is a good day, it matters, your alive. its a gift, enjoy it, look good and most importantly always wear a smile,though it costs nothing, its the best gift ever! Lets do this!

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