How To Get Your Groove Back at Work; 5 Great Tips

Feeling bored at your job, Working from home is getting frustratig, not getting job satisfaction,you wish you had that “new job” feeling you had when you first started.Well if your answer to any of these questions is yes, please read on and I hope you find this useful

Here’s how to get your groove back at work as provided by

1. Shake Things Up — Take a look at the various components of your job. What do you like/dislike? How much time do you spend on each aspect? Looking at your job through a new lens will allow you to open up to new possibilities. For example, you can do things in a new way or new order. You may decide to delegate things you don’t like or find more enjoyable ways of doing them. The key is to look at your job with a new perspective, with the goal of doing more of what you like.

2. Add Some Spice — Just like a little spice can make a dish taste better, adding spice to your job can make all the difference. This could be taking on new responsibilities in an area of interest to you, or getting on a committee for a special project, or working with new people from other groups.

3. Create New Ideas — Attend conferences, seminars, trade shows, all the events you think you don’t have time for. These can help energize the way you feel about your job. Another strategy is to call a colleague in a relevant, non-competitive category and ask “What are you guys doing these days that’s interesting?” That can help spark new ideas.

4. Meet New People — Make it a point to reach out to new people in your industry or who are in a similar position. This broadens your network and can help stimulate how you approach your job. Maybe there are people who you’ve done business with over the phone but have never met. Some people steer clear of vendors, but they could turn out to be really good resources beyond the extent of your relationship.

5. Raise Your Game — Focus on a segment of your job that you’d like to get better at. Maybe you’re a Marketing Director and you want to improve your presentation skills . Or you may be a Finance Director and want to know more about the stock market or a Creative Director and want to focus on social media. Focusing on an aspect of your job that you like and would like to strengthen can serve to energize all the other areas.

As with our relationships, our home cooking and skills, adding some spice may just make a world of difference and who better to do it than yourself.

Good Luck!

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