How I Overcame: Success Story Of A Widow

30 January 2020 Featured

Not every widow has a success story to tell since widowhood can be a very challenging and devastating experience especially when there is nothing the woman can fall back on. However, a woman may have the will to go on if there is both emotional financial support from the people around her.

For Mrs. Ebere Chukwu, her experience was a very demoralizing one but it however made her stronger. Narrating her story, she said her husband died at a very young age when their life was just beginning leaving her with nothing. According to her, she was just 27 years at the time with no form of education or means of livelihood. Catering for their four children became a big challenge.

“When my husband died, I was confused; I was incapacitated, didn’t know what to do because I had never done any business before. I had sleepless nights crying and asking myself how I would take care of the children. Then I told myself that I can’t continue like this. I could not bear to see my children go without food any longer so I started selling banana and groundnut”. She said.

She Said that the money she made from selling banana and groundnut could hardly carter for their basic needs so she embarked on another business.

“I would go to some local markets around Abuja to buy things like plantain, yam and any other reasonable thing I could see or afford and resell in the market; I would then bring whatever I’m not able to sell in the market to sell at home”.

According to Mrs. Ebere, the business was very stressful and always made her sick but the determination to see her children succeed was her driving force.

“I continued with the business for many years. I was always sick because the business was stressful but I told myself that my children must go to school since I’m not educated. That was what kept me pushing.”

“And apart from the fact that the business was stressful, it was tough managing the home and the business. The children were still very young and could hardly take care of themselves. so it was really tough. My first child was just 9 years when the father died”.

“I would wake up early to cook and keep for the children, then I would rush to the market because if you don’t go to the market early, you won’t get good things to buy. So I had to always leave very early. It used to make me feel bad because I would leave my children very early in the morning and come back late”

She continued her business and until she got a job at a crèche.

“One day, one woman in our church called me to come and work at the crèche in the church. Getting there, I was told that the salary was just Three Thousand Naira (N3000). I said to myself that the money was too small for me to take care of the children but it was a relief from the stressful business of buying and selling so I accepted the job. But after 3 months, I said that I could not cope with only N3000 so I made up my mind to leave.”

“That same night I saw my husband in a dream and he told me not to leave the crèche. I took that as God speaking to me because I had been praying for God to show me what to do. That was how I continued working at the crèche. Few years later, I learnt catering work which I started doing at weekends. That is what I have been doing till now. I go to work Monday to Friday and I do my catering work Saturday and Sunday and it has helped me a lot.”

For Mrs. Ebere, not leaving the crèche was the best decision she took; she got so much support from the management of the crèche and some parents whose children were at the crèche. Another major challenge came when two of her children were seeking admission into the university.

“There is something God did for me that I’m supposed to testify. Two of my children got admitted into the university at the same time, but before the admission, I was worried about how they would gain admission and how I would manage to pay their school fees since universities are very expensive”.

“So I told God that if He gives my children admission, I will do thanksgiving with a goat and an envelope. In the envelope, I said if its federal universities, I will put fifteen thousand naira (N15,000) and if its state universities I will put ten thousand naira N10,000”.

God answered her and the two children got admission into University of Nigeria Nsukka and Nnamdi Okpara Univeristy of Agriculture Umudike respectively.

She said she fulfilled her promise to God and God miraculously provided money for the children’s school fees through her sister and the husband God used them throughout the children’s university days.

The only thing she had to do was provide money for feeding and accommodation and by the grace of God, those two children are now graduates of Archeology and Accounting and her last son is presently a 300 level student at the University of Abuja.

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