Horror As ‘3Yr Old Boy Was Raped At Refugee Centre Hosting Asylum Seekers’

NORWAY02Norwegian police have launched an investigation after receiving reports that a child had been sexually abused in the common area of a reception centre.

The incident is said to have taken place at the Forus Akuttinnkvartering centre in Stavanger on January 6.

Police superintendent Bjørn Kåre Dahl said: “We have no suspects yet.

“We are investigating the case as if the worst thing has happened and that we are talking about the rape of a child.”

The boy was taken to the local rape crisis clinic with his mother and then to the children’s ward at Stavanger University Hospital for further checks.

A spokesman for the centre, which is currently hosting 800 asylum-seekers, said they received a phone call about the incident but they did not see or hear anything.

Dahl continued: “We will investigate further to find out what happened. If it is what we fear – a rape – then this is very serious.”

The alleged incident took place after Norway announced it was offering non-European asylum-seekers classes in Western sexual norms, in an attempt to prevent violence against women.

Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s reception centres for refugees, said: “There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society.

“There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.”



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