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Honesty Is Priceless,By All Means Pursue It

17 July 2019 Blog News

Most of us, truly desire that the people around us are honest. We want to be able to trust them completely. on the other hand, when we are around people that we don’t think are honest it can have a negetive effect on us. However, are we really ready to pay the price of honesty?

According to Tim Hill ,(timhillpsychotherapy.com) to live in a world where people are honest with each other is an ideal that many people aspire to. They have been betrayed, lied to and misled at times in their life and this often causes great pain and damage. It also causes the erosion of trust so that it is harder to trust people in the future.

This also holds true for most of us,that the greatest loss we suffer through the dishonesty of others – is he opportunity to trust the genuine ones..how sad

… we must therefore pursue our own honesty hard

where we find people that are honest with us the requirement is for us to also be totally honest. This is can be hard especially when the truth may be brutal and hurt . but the determination and focus on the greater good should be the standard to hold yourself to. a good motto cold be “If you Cant speak the truth then do not speak at all,consequently too,we must have the courage to accept hard truths about ourselves

… and be prepared for the outcome

Ever so often, consequence of living honestly is being cast away by the ones who do not appreciate the truth or those who do and yet are not brave enough to embrace it..however, staying on the side of truth is much easier ,the truth remains the same but every lie needs another lie to validate the past lie which in the long run will yield to the truth so why go through the trouble

So if you and I pursue truth today, the world will definitely be a better place, it begins with you and I… what will you do?

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