Here’s What Happened To The Chain-Smoking Toddler, Aldi

Years ago, there was a shocking story of an Indonesian boy, Aldi Rizal, who at only 2 years old was enjoying himself on a toy car while smoking cigarettes. The video of the smoking toddler went viral when it found its way onto the internet causing outrage on an international scale.

Wondering what Rizal is up to seven years later? This is what happened to the chain-smoking 2-year-old.

The Smoking Toddler Went To Rehab

Rizal, smoking toddler in rehab

According to the Daily Mail, Rizal was taken for a two-week rehab session in the capital city, Jakarta. Under the care of child psychiatrist Dr. Kak Seto, Rizal was able to focus on being a normal child again and was so determined to stay clean saying, “He would be sad if I started smoking again and made myself ill.”

He stopped smoking, but he got addicted to food instead.

“With so many people living in the house it’s hard to stop him from getting food, his mum said.”

At the height of his new habit Rizal was drinking three full cans of condensed milk a day as part of a calorific diet.

Eventually, the parents had taken enough of the bad popularity Aldi was getting in the town and beyond and so they made a drastic change…

Mrs. Rizal’s final put her foot down with his latest vice. She and her husband cut all the junk food out of Aldi’s life and forced him onto a strict diet of fruit and vegetables, regardless of how much he protested.

Chain smoking toddler now good student

Four hard years later, Rizal’s weight is well under control and he is reportedly on his way to completing fourth grade after excelling in his studies. The bubbly 9-year-old now has lots of friends and is barely recognizable as that tubby kid puffing away on his ride-on toy without a care in the world, and his only addiction nowadays seems to be school.

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