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Hembadoon ‘The Lady With The Song

4 August 2020 Blog Entertainment

Hembadoon says you can call her “LADY”

The Nigerian music industry has continued to grow with the introduction of new artistes and different sounds.

New on the scene, “Hembadoon” introduces herself to us with a single she calls “Lady”, with a few lines almost as though a subtle response to Afrobeat Legend Fela’s song with the same title.

She however says it’s not a rebellion but an embrace of the new culture, the one that exalts women – especially the Nigerian woman for her strength and ability to hold her own, while multitasking as a caregiver, entrepreneur and/ or business executive in her chosen field of expertise.

Hembadoon is of the opinion that women have always changed the world, and women will continue to change the world.

Once upon a time, being such a woman earned you derogatory names, but Lady is about the new breed of women who are not stifled, and they are unashamedly proud of their strong personalities and continue to embrace it for what it is.

The artiste, who has been a behind-the-scenes player on the Nigerian entertainment scene working as an Abuja radio host earlier in her career and as a PR Executive for some corporate record labels and public figures for about half a decade, says she identifies as such a woman, and calls the song a potential anthem for women all over the world.

@hembabubba #hembadoon #Lady

Released officially on June 19, 2020, the artiste says Lady is so timely as it complements the voices in Nigeria calling against those trying to take power from women through Rape and Domestic

Violence as well as the Nollywood #MeToo movement, aimed at exposing #SexforRoles in the Nigerian movie industry and the global #MeToo conversation.


Lady is world music, a song of empowerment, of self-realization and self-assertion. Watch on youtube https://youtu.be/z7XgsKQ8Pvs

It speaks to the strength the modern-day woman possesses, an innate existence that makes her the well-rounded complete being with the potential to be any and everything she wants to be.

Lady is the song for everyone who believes in the woman, respects the woman, loves the woman and wants to see the woman win.

With a jazzy instrumental and the African flavored delivery of the artiste, Lady is a song for lovers of good and conscious music.


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