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HEALTH FRIENDLY: Facts About Peptic Ulcer

21 May 2017 Health

Peptic Ulcers are usually associated with painful sores that develop in the lining of the stomach, but the good news is that sufferers don’t have to always put up with the discomfort because there are now effective ways they can handle that, says Dr. Adugba Ada who was featured in this edition of our program.

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He says an ulcer generally is a break in the continuity of a surface of a skin or the mucosa, which means that there is a wound that is below the skin level into the mucosa of the body (mucosa is the inner lining of the internal part of the body). Causes of ulcers are classified into two: effective and non-effective causes.

By effective, it means there is an infection causing the ulcer and by non-effective, it means there are other factors apart from an infection.

Effective causes especially those of ulcers that affect the surface of the skin are ulcers coming from tuberculosis, syphilis and leprosy. While those of non-effective causes could be from malignancy, cancer, sickle-cell disease, vascular abnormality especially people with hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Contrary to most peoples belief that ulcers can occur only in the stomach, Dr. Adugba said ulcer can occur in any part of the body, both in and out depending on what is causing it.

One of the major causes of peptic ulcer in our environment is helicobacter-pylori, a grand negative bacterium that resides mainly in the stomach and it’s associated with hygiene and life-style.

Experts say 90 percent of peptic ulcer cases in developing countries are as a result of helicobacter-pylori and it comes within teenage years down to adulthood. It can be contracted when someone comes in contact with the vomit of a peptic ulcer patient.

Some of the predisposing factors are cigarette smoke, alcohol, oily foods, coffee, people with stressful conditions, chronic liver disease, and kidney disease and unhygienic environment. story (1)

He also says the commonest symptom of Peptic Ulcer is abdominal pain.

The best preventive measure is maintaining a good hygiene and for those suffering from peptic ulcer, he says they should avoid foods that trigger it.


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