HEALTH FRIENDLY: How To Control Convulsion/Seizures In Children

15 June 2017 Blog Health News

A pediatrician at Abuja Clinics, Dr. Kunle Ogunkombi  said that convulsion is a form of seizure caused by an abnormal electrical charge in the brain cells.

A child convulsing will stiffen, jerk around, and roll his or her eyes back in the head and afterwards fall into a deep sleep in unconsciousness.

According to the expert,  the commonest form of seizure found in children is the febrile convulsion which comes with fever. “Usually, the fever comes before the seizures. For instance if the child has been running temperature for about two or three days and does not get medical attention, the child could have seizures.” he said.

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Doctor Ogunkombi explained that there are two types of convulsion, the febrile and the A febrile convulsion.

Febrile convulsion

Febrile convulsion which occur as a result of an infection are pretty common and usually occurs in children between the ages of 2-months to 5-years. According to the doctor, about 20 in 100 children aged between six months and five years have febrile convulsion.

He said two-thirds of these children only ever have one episode and its short lived,  at most 5 minutes and the child falls into a deep sleep out of exhaustion. “It can be very frightening to see your child having a febrile convulsion, but children don’t die from convulsions. Most febrile convulsions don’t cause long-term consequences or brain damage either”.

This type of convulsion tends to run in families and affects boys more than girls due to the fact that the males have one S chromosome while the females have two ( S chromosomes are the source of anti-body productions) so they are better protected than the male.

Children who have their first febrile convulsion before the age of one year have a higher risk of having more febrile convulsions. However, when the underlying cause is treated the chances of it happening is reduced.

A Febrile convulsion

A febrile convulsion can occur at any age and its as a result of a brain damage. Underlying causes could be an accident, a brain infection from meningitis or a tumor.

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Contrary to the common beliefs that a spoon should be put between the teeth of a child convulsing, doctor Ogunkombi said it’s only a myth because the seizure itself is harmless. “During the course of the seizure, the best thing you can do for a child when he or she is convulsing is to take harmful substances away from the child, or if the child is lying on a high surface where he or she can fall, take the child away and put him on a flat surface where he will not fall.

The child should be put on his left side and when the child comes out of the seizure and is fully awake quickly take the child to the hospital. Putting spoon in the child’s mouth or giving the child herbal concoction should be avoided” he said.

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