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Health Experts Seek Full Implementation Of Family Friendly Polices

Health Experts Seek Full Implementation Of Family Friendly Polices

10 August 2019 Health National News News

Government at all levels have been urged to fully implement family friendly polices that would enable the country meet the World health Organization’s exclusive breast feeding Target by the year 2025.

The Chairman steering committee civil society scaling up nutrition in Nigeria Dr David Olayemi made the appeal in Abuja at a Media round-table on exclusive breastfeeding.

Health Experts Seek Full Implementation Of Family Friendly Polices

The media roundtable organised by the civil society scaling up nutrition in Nigeria has as it’s theme, changing the Nigerian story on exclusive breast feeding

Dr Olayemi explained that only 27 percent of Nigerian women breast feed exclusively as against the world health organisation’s set Target of 50 percent.

“In the first six months of life,.the baby’s stomach is only big enough to accommodate what the mother can give through breast milk,”

“And breast milk contains everything including water. Some people believe that when you eat, you must drink water but the truth is that God has provided breast milk on such a way that it contains everything including water. So, there is no need to introduce anything else,” Olayemi said.

While highlighting some of the polices which includes enacting paid maternity leave for a minimum of 18 weeks, paid paternity leave to encourage shared responsibility Dr Olayemi also said these policies would also help parents nuture and bond with their children.

He cautioned mother’s against introducing water during 0 to 6 months old

Wife of the governor of kaduna state, Mrs Aisha El-Rufai who said the state had made tremendous progress in exclusive breast feeding appeal for concerted effort from relevant stakeholders to address Myths militating against exclusive breast feeding.

“I therefore use this opportunity to call on mothers to exclusively breastfed their children for the the first six months of life and practice early initiation of breastfeeding for their newborns within the first thirty to sixty minutes of giving birth to their children,”.

“By doing these, we stand a chance of saving the lives of our children. And we save them from illnesses and deaths due to infections and preventable diseases,” El rufai said..

The Executive Secretary of Civil society Scaling up Nutrition in Nigeria Mrs Beatrice Eluaka described Breast milk as a miracle and highlighted some of its benefits

In a paper presentation on ”’Exclusive breastfeeding in the first 1000 days, the critical window period,” A resource person , Dr Funmi Akinleye said the world health Organization recommended that Exclusive breastfeeding should start within one hour after birth until a baby is 6months old and that nutritious complementary foods should be added while continuing to breast feed up to two years or beyond.

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