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Have More With Less;10 Amazing Steps To Get Clutter Free For A Happier Life

17 September 2020 Blog

People’s values vary, but those with less stress and not consumed by the chaos of the world today do appear to be happier.

It is proven that the majority of people who live a simple, stress-free, clutter free existence are far happier than those obsessed with material wealth and possessions over more substantial priorities, such as quality time, relationships, and the simpler things in life.

In this world drenched in chaos, constant pressures of everyday materialism, and disproportionate values on so many things, slowing down and refocusing on more positive values will undoubtedly enhance your happiness. Simplifying chaos and decluttering your mind, body, and soul are recommended for a happier lifestyle

no matter how you look at it, being less materialistic and more focused on the simpler things in life cannot hurt. In this modern world, full of negativity and clutter.Here are 10 amazing  steps with benefits


1. Decluttering your life helps to declutter your mind creating a calming effect.

Remove old clothes you haven’t worn in a year, organize your junk drawer, or donate old books/DVDs to goodwill.you can be sure the feeling you will get is priceless

2. Living with less frees up your time to do other things.

Readjust your priorities to focus on the finer (free) things in life rather than on material possessions.

3. It is beneficial for the mind to slow down and find peace in stillness.

Take time out of your busy schedule to meditate on what really matters in your life. Find your inner peace. Be still. Breathe.

4. Simplifying your life naturally results in relaxation.

Stop scheduling every minute of every day. Find time to treat yourself! Downtime is paramount to achieving happiness.

5. Living with less stress is healthier overall.

Lessen your workload. Learn to say no, thank you, and set boundaries to better care for yourself.

6. Focusing your energy inward heals the soul.

Mind, body, and soul or spirit are equally vital to human happiness. Self-care and self-love are vital to your happiness health. Read a book YOU want to read. Take a bath. Enjoy your own company.Be you . DO YOU!

7. Balance, as with everything in life, creates happiness.

Balance your schedule. Work, Social life, Love life, Exercise, and Sleep should be working together to make you happy!

8. Less consumption of modern chaos is freeing and creates a healthier mind.

Every now and then,Turn the Tv off and go outside. Enjoy nature and create your own thoughts.Stop being controlled by commercialism and materialistic thoughts that are fed to you by the media.be careful what you fees your soul with through your eyes and ears


9. Focusing more on quality time and relationships cause happiness derived from love over materialistic possessions.

Spend time with your family, significant other, or community giving back or just simply enjoying each other’s company..

10. Create memories, experiences, and set priorities that fill your heart with happy thoughts.

Do more of what you love. Happy people exude positive energy. Spread the love and happiness and be kind.

By all means,create and enjoy your own brand of happiness

Good Luck


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