Grow Old With No Regrets:10 Key Points To Note

When younger we make various choices without the future in mind. Sometimes,we realize those choices were not wise ,As we get older, people do a life review,They begin to think, ‘I should have  done this and that,or saved more money or spent more time with the kids.'”

But it’s time to let go of those should have and could have thoughts that will only weigh you down, if you are young, there is a  good chance to fix it and even if you are in your golden years you can make the most of your situation

These are some of the things one   must be  super careful about in order not to regret in old age

1. “Marrying the wrong person”

When you’re young, check your motives for marrying. Don’t marry to copy your peers, or for social standing or out of pressure. Marry for love and companionship, marry the right person, marry your best friend. For if you marry the wrong person or for the wrong reasons, you will have to put up with that person the rest of your life. Things might get worse between you two; then depression, physical abuse, affairs, pain, shame, court cases, bitterness will define your mid-life years all because you chose the wrong one. Things will get worse when children are involved. Make the right choice of a spouse when you are young.

2. “The opportunities you did not seize “

When you are younger many doors will open, you will get many chances. Many young people let these opportunities go because of fear, laziness, or pride; yet when younger and with more energy is the best time to start a venture and a name for yourself. Some think the opportunities are too big for them. Take advantage of them or one day when you’re older you will want to go back and grab those missed chances.

3. “The bridges you burned”

When we are younger, we care little for relationships, what most think about is getting money and moving up the ladder of success at all cost. Many use and trample on people to progress, they take relationships for granted, messing up bonds, messing with people for personal gain. But these bad actions will catch up with you ahead, then you will realize how empty life is without love and friends, when you will have success but no one around you or no one to trust you.

4. “The child you rejected”

You are a young lady, you get pregnant and you are scared. You take the aborting option quickly thinking of that moment. But when you are much older, you will look back and wish you kept that baby. When you will be rich and successful you will wish that child you gave up on would be around to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Being a single mother doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life or you can’t find a spouse in future. .As a young man you got a lady pregnant then you abandoned her and the child because you are not ready to start a family, rejecting the child and dodging your parental responsibilities, By all means think again

5, “Not Having a Saving”

 It may not be fun or glamorous in the moment, but saving some extra cash might help you alleviate some regrets in your later years. It turns out, money issues, including not saving enough for retirement, are among the biggest regrets people have later in life. Think about it, how old are you now,?How many more years do you have in active service, how much do u need to save for retirement, what percentage of your income do you need to save monthly to reach your goal. Start today

6. “The marriage you destroyed”

So you get married to your good fiance; the first months in marriage were good but shortly after, with your money and charm, you started having affairs. You became unfaithful. Your spouse begged you to stop, your children started hurting, your marriage was collapsing. One day when you are older, it will hit you how foolish you were to destroy the good marriage you had began to build for mere temporary thrills in affairs that did you no good. You will realize the damage you caused to your children and spouse.

7. “The God you disowned”

When you are much older you become wiser, God becomes more real as you see life in a more meaningful way. But don’t wait to get older to start enjoying a relationship with God. Know God when you are young, build your future with God. Don’t be a young rebel who runs back to God when age catches up.

8 “Not Being More responsible with health and diet”

Your health is one of those things you can rarely get back once it’s gone, and for most people, that leads to some serious regrets. As we age, many people also feel disappointed about not taking better care of themselves, particularly in terms of their food choices. Take care of your health and watch what you eat

9.”Not spending enough time with family”

You’ve probably heard the old adage about parenting: The days are long, but the years are short. In many cases, one of the biggest regrets parents have is not spending more time bonding with their children when they had the chance.

Many people regret spending too much time at work and not enough time with their children, We often focus on providing or perhaps succeeding, but forget that our families will not be with us forever.

10.”Not standing up for yourself”

 Assertiveness is a skill that many people unfortunately learn too late in life. Failing to stand up for yourself and what you believe in often ends up being a major regret among those who lack confidence.

May we be grateful and not have any regrets we pray

Do think up more points on this subject and by all means share with us too



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