Greek Migrant Camp Is Set Alight As Clashes Shake Chios Island

One of Greece’s largest migrant camps has been set alight after clashes broke out at Camp VIAL on the island of Chios. Three asylum seekers have been arrested after violence started on 18 April.

Two cars, a canteen, tents and accommodation containers went up in a blaze near the identification and reception centre.

The camps are overcrowded with around 5,000 living at VIAL, which was originally set up to accommodate a 1,000 people.

It’s thought the fire began after a 47-year-old Iraqi woman was declared dead after suffering from a fever and rumours began to circulate that she had died from COVID-19.

She’d been admitted to hospital on 16 April and she underwent a blood test which was negative for coronavirus.

The Greek government has already started transporting children and the elderly with their families to other European countries this week to avoid the infection in such cramped conditions.

Around 100,000 migrants are currently stuck in Greece since other European countries closed their borders to them in 2016.

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