Global Fund To Inject $660m Into Disease Intervention In Nigeria

The Global Fund Executive Director, Mr. Peter Sands, says the fund is injecting six hundred and sixty million dollars into the Nigeria health system, to tackle HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria epidemic in Nigeria.

Mr. Sand who stated this  in Abuja  during his visit to the  minister of health, Prof. Isaac Adewole. that the grant was expected to last for a three-year period to include more people on the treatment of the diseases.

“If we are going to end the epidemics of HIV, TB and Malaria in the world, it has to happen in Nigeria. We have invested significant amount of money, so far we have invested two point six billion dollars and in the current funding circle which is a three year circle, we are investing six hundred and sixty million dollars’. Mr. Sands said.

Mr Peter Sand, Executive Director, Global Funds addressing a press conference alongside Minister of Health Prof. Issac Adewole and DG NACA, Dr Sani Aliyu. “Nigeria has remained a country in which Global Fund had invested tremendously in the past because of its highest burden of Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS.

“We have invested about 2.6 billion dollars to tackle these epidemics in the past and we intend to do more to get more people on treatment.

“We appreciate the hard work in the outcome of the partnership between the government and global fund but we believe that we still have a lot of work to do.

“For HIV and AIDS, we want more people on treatment; we also want to prevent mother-to-child transmission.
“We also want to reduce malaria related deaths and we want to ensure that the percentage of people on tuberculosis treatment increases.“Above all, we will like to see a return on our investments.”

“I think together we still have alot to do if we want to stop the deaths in this country from HIV and Malaria. On HIV, we need to get treatment to more people who are living with HIV, we need to cut the infection rate, and we need to continue the progress that has been made in preventing mother to child transmission.”

“On malaria, we need to step up the scale of coverage on vector control and on TB, the big task is to raise the percentage of people who are diagnosed and treated. I am confident that with this partnership, we can together make huge progress and we can bring to an end these three diseases that have caused so much suffering and deaths here in Nigeria and everywhere in the world. It’s not going to be easy but we committed to work and make it happen”.

According to the Director General ,National Agency for the Control of Aids, NACA Dr. Sani Aliyu that the Global Fund is a major partner in health care delivery  in Nigeria.

“The Global Fund is responsible for at least a hundred and forty thousand Nigerians we currently have on treatment. It also funds at least hundred thousand Nigerians on Tuberculosis treatment. Without the Global Funds, Nigeria would have struggled to deliver some of the huge intervention we have put in place for these three deadly diseases and we are very grateful to the Global Fund for enabling us to deliver health care to our people”. Dr. Aliyu said.

He said that as a government, NACA remains committed to partner with the Global Fund to make sure it continues to deliver the programs in a very just, equitable and transparent manner.

On his part the  minister of health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, said that Nigeria has made substantial progress in disease intervention.

” Nigeria government is injecting twenty two billion naira into vaccine procurement. ” Nigeria remains grateful to Global Funds andt the fund will be used judiciously”. “We look forward to another visit where we will showcase positive results from your investment.”

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