George Floyd killing: Protests And Clashes Across US Despite Police Murder Charge

Protests and clashes have flared overnight in cities across the US over the killing of a black American man at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.

The unrest comes in defiance of curfews and despite the fact that a police officer has been charged with murder over George Floyd’s death — the latest in a series of deaths of African-Americans in confrontations with police.

Demonstrators marched, stopped traffic and in some cases lashed out violently at police in dozens of American cities overnight on Friday. Violent clashes have been reported in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.

Many protests began as peaceful demonstrations against police brutality before violence flared. In some places shootings have been reported as the trouble continued.

The White House was briefly locked down with President Trump after demonstrators in Washington DC tried to break through security barriers outside.

George Floyd died after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck while taking him into custody in Minnesota. One police officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, but others who were at the scene remain free.

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