Generational Thinkers Arise

“SOMEONE is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” (Warren Buffett). 

Despite the fact that most of us never met our great grand parents we are able to connect with the legacy they left …a seed for generations to come.

But what was the secret behind all this? Generational thinking!
Someone envisioned it and encouraged the whole community to do it. This week, I want to challenge you to be a generational thinker.

Sow seeds for the future
Generational thinkers sow seeds for generations to come. Generational thinkers think beyond today, they think about tomorrow and years after.

Great people think of generations to come.
Have you ever thought about how the way you are living your life will have consequences on generations to come? The reality is that many people do not actually think about all this. The thrust is just to live and do what the heat of the moment demands and dictates. If we are going to live a meaningful life, we need to learn and start thinking generationally.

How about the leaders you put in office today with your vote, are you voting for the gains of the moment or are you thinking of the consequences of your choice today for generations to come

Let peace, honesty,love, and the fear of God guide you, Generational thinkers arise, Tomorrows outcomes begins with our actions today, do right and be right.think not only about the next election,but about the next generation

God bless this generation and the ones to come.Amen

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Arthur Marara Motivation for Success

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