Fried Akara And Yam Business Making Families Smile

The akara and yam business is not a new line of business in Nigeria and to Nigerians, however, many do not have any idea how profitable the business is and that with as low as Ten Thousand Naira (10,000) one can start the akara and yam business.

As it is said, ‘we often find our abilities in the most difficult situations. For Mrs. Adah, a mother of four, she found her ability after her husband lost his job, which compelled her to start the sale of akara and yam to workers at Radio House in the Abuja city center.

As a full time house wife, she didn’t believe she was capable of doing any business well, but doing her Akara and yam business has made her believe she can do anything she puts her mind to. According to her, she wished she had started the business earlier.

Speaking with kapitalfm online, she said she started her business when her husband lost his job so as to assist her him.

“My husband is an iron bender, but after he lost his job things became very difficult so I had to do something to support my husband so that the home will go well. And by the grace of God the business is helping very well. Averagely, I make like 6-7 Thousand Naira daily”. She said.

According to Mrs Adah, though the business is profitable, the challenges involved in are numerous.

“The stress is too much, and you know, frying with firewood every day is not easy. Another thing is the distance. I stay at Mararaba so I always have to wake up very early in order to bit hold up. The hold up on that road is too much so if I don’t wake up on time, I will not be able to make to town on time”.

“I wake up like 3 o’clock to wash the beans and arrange other things, I will then take the beans to grind around 5 O’clock and leave the house immediately. Also, I’m alone so serving people is a very big challenge. My children are in school so I can’t stop them from going to school to come and assist me”. But I thank God because the business has helped me and my family a lot.

“Now I’m only praying that my husband will get a job. He relies on contracts but it’s very hard to get a contract now; you know the country is very hard”. But if he gets a good job now, we will be sure of a steady income. And now that I’m also doing my own business, life will be easier for us and the children”. She said.

For Mrs. Ada, every woman should do something to support their husbands so that they can live longer.

“I will advise every woman out there to do something to support their husbands no matter how little, even if it is pure water (sachet water), because if the husband is the only one providing, it will be overwhelming and he may break him down. I wish I started this business earlie,” she added.

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