FRCN: Pictures From Mohammed Bello’s Son’s Wedding In Abuja

FRCN’s Director Programmes, Alhaji Mohammed Bello, was joined by family and well wishers on the occasion of  his son and new daughter-in-law’s wedding reception which took place at City Park, Abuja, yesterday the 3rd of December, 2016.

The picturesque couple, Ohueyi Bello and Piyyah Waziri, looked radiant in their matching ensemble and their happiness was quite evident in their smiles as well as of those present at the event.

It was well attended by family, friends and his colleagues, staff of Radio Nigeria, the country’s largest radio network.

Alhaji Mohammed Bello, Director Programs FRCN, in his hospitable nature, was very active as he ensured everyone got the royal treatment. He got a bit emotional at the point of giving his Vote of Thanks, but it was all because of the boundless joy he felt in his heart.

Present at the august event were staff of FRCN, from Directors to Drivers and everyone else in between. Also gracing the event were two special people; The very important grandparents of the groom, the original Mr and Mrs Bello.

Mohammed Bello's parents, grandparents of the groom
Mohammed Bello’s parents, grandparents of the groom

Photos of FRCN Staff At the Occassion;

The dance floor was not bereft of moving feet. The couple graced the audience with a dance and other guests joined in the merriment with their individual dance moves, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the timely tunes from the Disc Jockey (DJ) who played songs for every generation present at the event.

Sulayman Abdulmunini Ujah, Chairman of the Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) Abuja chapter, encouraged parents to educate children with disabilities and he ended his remark, as translated by someone from sign language, by appreciating everyone who has supported the disability community in one way or the other.

Sulayman Ujah, Chairman JONAPWD, Abuja chapter

…What is love? No one can define it, it’s something so great, only God could design it. Yes, love is beyond, what man can define, for love is immortal, and God’s gift is defined. – Unknown

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We wish Ohueyi and Piyyah a fruitful and blessed union.

Congratulations to the couple and our amiable DP, Mohammed Bello.

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