FRCN DG Receives British High Commissioner At Radio House

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria paid a visit to the Director General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) as a courtesy to the DG and respect for the work of the Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria, FRCN.

The British High Commissioner, Paul Arkwright, along with the commission’s Press & public Affairs Officer, Joe Abuku, were at Radio House on Tuesday, November 1st 2016, and interacted with the DG, Mansur Liman alongside all the FRCN directors. The DG said the corporation is willing to partner with interested parties in order to improve on our reportage, foster better working relations and communications.

The DG went on to say that the mandate of the FRCN is to give out information and allow the listener make an objective summary.

“For me the mandate is to make this an independent radio station to give the policies of the government in an objective way”

Arkwright mentioned his love for the media and preference for radio and said the commission was looking to support the work of the present administration.

The British High Commissioner assured Nigerians that Brexit would not affect them. He said the entire exit process required a year period. He was also featured on the network service of Radio Nigeria where he assured Nigerians of Briatain’s support, especially in the fight against corruption. Paul Arkwright also mentioned the chevening scholarship as a flagship support by Britain. He urged many Nigerians to take advantage of the mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries.

We are proud to say the present General Manager of Kapital FM, Mercy Njoku is also a chevening scholar.

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