France-Italy floods Macron Warns Villagers Rebuilding May Take Months

9 October 2020 International News



Reports  say, president Emmanuel Macron has warned villagers living in flood-hit areas of France that it may take months to rebuild their homes and lives as he pledged a €100 million recovery fund.

The French president on Wednesday visited several Alpine areas devastated by the recent flooding that has killed at least 13 people — five in France and eight in Italy. Around 20 people are still missing.

Speaking from Breil-sur-Roya, a village of 2,000 people that was reduced to mud, rocks and debris, Macron applauded the “courage” and “solidarity” of rescuers and residents, promising to send aid.

This includes a €100 million fund of emergency aid in addition to financing from the EU and local authorities, he said.

His comments come as pictures circulated of the havoc caused by the flooding throughout the week, including destroyed homes, roads, and bridges.

Fast-flowing waters have also unearthed corpses in village cemeteries — and, in some cases, have washed the bodies away.

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