Food For Thought (Lessons Of Life)

The good book says nothing is by power or might, but only by Gods spirit are we blessed, therefore we must only make our boasts in God alone

Count your blessings in all humility, trust not in yourself ,your abilities or in  any man, for  we are nothing and have nothing save for the things we have

been freely given.

For even riches do not guaranty prosperity,, having a nice house is not enjoying luxury,sleeping on a gold plated bed does not guaranty sound sleep,driving a  new car will not keep you accident free,wearing the best designer clothes does not make you look good,they may not even fit,owning a family doctor wont keep sickness away,marrying Mr. Handsome or Mr.Romantic does not make a  happy marriage,winning an argument does not make you right ,Being highly educated is no guarantee for wisdom

Come now,lets reason together…a wrist watch that costs over N50 million, na wetin?will it tell you the time the world will come to an end, a phone that cost enough to feed a family for a year,hmmn ,shebi you can use it to call heaven ? Ok  whats the point of all this? I will tell you.. its good to remind ourselves that only God is true,whatever is done without his merit is  fake and temporal, vanity indeed

It will not be out of place therefore to recall the beautiful lyrics in the  second stanza National anthem (i wonder why we do not sing those)

so here goes…..

Oh God of creation,direct our noble cause

guide our leaders right,help our youth the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow, and living just and true

Great lofty heights attain,to build a nation where

peace and justice reign…..

A resounding Amen!


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