Food For Thought

Society has its judgements over what is morally right or wrong, so does a woman reserve the ultimate rights over her own body.

I recently read about a very intriguing case where a single woman who was advancing in age and feared for the quality of her reproductive life as menopause was fast approaching took a decision to have a baby

She decided on artificial insemination (IVF)and consequently got pregnant

The church excommunicated her even after she met with the elders to tender evidence from a reputable hospital,medical journals and documents and explaining her fears and natural desire as any woman would have, to bear a child

The woman however is not guilty of committing Adultery with any man.Some deep soul searching and understanding of the holy books are required here

May God give us understanding as we pray for this woman and learn from her experience,may we as a people love more,and show more empathy for one another,may we understand that even our personal decisions can affect others and be responsible for them,may we not be quick to point fingers at others.

A wise man once told me and I quote”when fire is burning in your neighbours home do not go to sleep and think it does not concern you , go out and help quench it else it will spill over to your own home’.

So help us God.

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