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“I Feel Good Right Now”-Rigobert Song

7 December 2016 Sport


Rigobert Song with a friend.

The former Liverpool star,  Rigobert Song, ,40,  fell into a coma for two days and has been recovering quietly since. Wearing a Southport Under-21s training kit, ex-Liverpool star Song can be seen smiling as he sits down on a hospital bed with a pal.

The ex-Cameroon captain took the opportunity to thank the people of his home nation for their support during his health scare.

He said: “I feel good right now. I was aware of a lot of things, thanks to the support that our government gave me in this matter. I have to thank them; Cameroon President Paul Biya and his wife first lady Chantal Biya.

“I also felt the support of the people of Cameroon, which gave me positive energy and gave me courage to get better.”

Song suffered a stroke in October while he was at his home in the Odza neighbourhood in Yaounde, Cameroon. The former Anfield ace, uncle to ex-Arsenal and West Ham midfielder Alex, slipped into a two-day coma.

He was flown to France for further treatment after waking.

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