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FCT Edu Secretariat Harps On Compliance To COVID 19 Protocols In Schools

15 January 2021 National News News

Resumption: FCT Edu Secretariat Harps On Compliance to COVID 19 Protocols in all Schools.

FCT Education Secretariat has directed all Schools in FCT to resume school on Monday ,18-01-2021 following the announcement by the Federal Ministry of Education.

The Secretariat also emphasized on total compliance with Covid-19 protocols and School resumption guidelines and checklist earlier released for FCT Schools.

Speaking at a meeting the Acting Secretary/ Director, Administration and Finance, Mallam Leramoh Abdulrazaq said, the Education Management has gone ahead to ensure that necessary modalities were worked out for safe resumption amidst the second wave of Covid-19.

He hinted that further arrangements have been concluded for regular School monitoring and inspection by the Department of Quality Assurance and Other Monitoring units of the various Boards under the Education Secretariat.

The Education Boss therefore enjoined all to take their health and security seriously by complementing and sustaining all the safety measures, the FCT Administration had already put in place.

He reiterated the Education Secretariat’s commitment at ensuring that Education Standards are not compromised.

Remi Johnson/Abuja

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