Face Your Political Woes, Leave Akwa Ibom Alone – Group To Oshiomhole

A sociopolitical organization in Akwa Ibom State, has warned the National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole to leave Akwa Ibom people alone.

The group, Akwa Ibom Liberation  Movement, AILM, in a statement issued on Thursday, advised the APC chairman to rather his “battered political image”.

Leader of the Movement, Prince Emmanuel Sam in the statement, wondered why Oshiomhole who could not deliver Edo state for the APC at the Presidential election could lay any claims to being able to deliver Akwa Ibom state to the APC in the governorship election.

The group stressed that the people of the state would not be intimidated or harassed, adding that the people believe in the PDP and will return all the candidates of the party in Saturday’s elections.

“From the recent ranting of Adam Oshiomole about the elections that took place in Akwa Ibom, it may not be too wrong to deduce that the national leader is making waves to instigate their members to act ultra-vires  in the forth-coming state elections.

“May be, this is coming as the result of the fact that they already have a premonition of another round of colossal collapse and outright defeat, which will render the face of the APC, a shattered visage in Akwa Ibom State.

“AkwaIbom people know what they want and they will go for it”; we want the peace that is sweeping through this state to remain.

“It is a priceless commodity that we cannot trade by selling our votes. We want a terror-free tenure and people-oriented governance. Hence, Akwa Ibom people want to vote in the coming elections under a peaceful atmosphere devoid of intimidation .

The group stressed that the will of the people cannot be highjacked by whatever might there may be, adding that the senatorial election in IkotEkpene Senatorial District has proven that nobody puts himself in the place of the Majesty on High and survives it.



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