Eurovision: Is Brexit To Blame For The UK’s Latest Flop?

20 May 2019 Entertainment

The UK finished in last place at Eurovision on Saturday, despite the best efforts of singer Michael Rice.

The talent show winner has reportedly blamed a Brexit backlash, as have some disgruntled British Eurovisionophiles.

Rice told The Sun that even Gary Barlow or Elton John would have finished last this year.

But it’s now a decade since the UK has earned a place in the top 10 and more than 20 years since the last win – a losing streak that stretches back long before the EU referendum was a twinkle in David Cameron’s eye.

So can we really blame politics? And what other factors are at play? Here are five possible reasons the UK flopped – and keeps flopping.

If Europe thought the UK was sticking up two fingers in its direction when the 2016 referendum happened, it’s logical to think this could be Europe’s way of sending the same message back.


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