Entrepreneurial Leadership Training: A Tool for Nigeria’s Development

12 December 2018 National News News

The inclusion of entrepreneurial leadership training in school curriculum and other sectors of the economy will inculcate positive leadership qualities in the young people for rapid political and socio- economic development of the country.

An entrepreneurial Expert, who is also a lecturer in Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namode, in Zamfara state, Dr Rabiu Gurbin- Maikai Adamu, stated this while briefing newsmen in Abuja.

Dr Adamu who maintained that the economic development of Nigeria would not improve until Nigerians vote for leaders with entrepreneurial leadership skills, also called for more sponsorship and implementation of MSME’s at the grassroots.

He further enjoined Nigerians to vote wisely in the forth coming general elections and shun sentiments by electing an efficient and innovative Leader that would help improve the standard of living of the people.

Dr Adamu also urged those in Leadership positions across the country to emulate some of the developed countries like America, China and others ,to enhance the development of the country.

“…China, America, Indonesia and other countries of the world are great today, because they had adopted entrepreneurial leadership… what Nigeria needs today is an innovative, efficient,
imaginative entrepreneurial leadership to take the country to the next level… Effective entrepreneurial leadership brings about a great and good economy.”

Dr Adamu further described the PDP Presidential candidate, as a man with an entrepreneurial mindset.

“Atiku Abubakar is entrepreneurially imaginative and focused. Atiku is somebody you can surrender your country to and expect good leadership and entrepreneurial development, because he remained the most entrepreneurial politician we have in this country today.”

Dr Rabiu Adamu also announced that he had written two books to deepen entrepreneurial understanding in Nigeria.

By Remi Johnson/Abuja

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