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Embrace The Difficulty ;Your Struggle Brings Growth Your Story Will Inspire Others

4 August 2020 Blog

There are some hard times that we have encountered that take way longer for us to overcome than other moments.

However, no matter what your journey has been like, no matter what we have had to face, please know that your story will one day inspire someone.

When you look over your shoulder and you see all those stuff that you have had to endure, it may be hard to think about it but it has made you into the person you are today. You are much stronger because of everything you went through.

Every single struggle, especially the ones that tore you apart, the ones that made you question your existence, little and big challenges all of which played a part in shaping the person that you are today and you are stronger because of them

You see that strength that is within you that you may not see in yourself?Guess what… there is someone out there who sees that strength in you. There is someone who looks up to you and wants to be like you. Yes, they know you’re not perfect but they admire you and look up to you and one day would like to be at least half the person that you are today.your very struggle, the one that makes you think less of yourself, the way you deal with your imperfections, that story you may be ashamed to tell is a great inspiration to someone

Your life is motivational to many people out there but you just don’t know it yet.Maybe someone told you that your past was a mess and there are so many people out there who are living a pretty messed up life. know this, you no longer live in that past, So if someone brings it up tell them you have relocated,Changed address for good, know that you are not defined by what you may have done but by who you have become through the things you had to endure and gracefully overcame.

Let me tell you that your story is going to bring strength to a lot of people and going to motivate them to keep pressing on.

That is why you should not be ashamed of where you are coming from. Get out there and share your story.

There are a lot of lives that you can change.

We have all been through something in our past. No one is perfect.No matter what your story is, no matter what you have been through,It is time to quit the pity party, Embrace yourself,scars ,flaws,and all.Be an inspiration to yourself and to someone today

Yes you can,Good Luck

Source ;www,vocal.media (Edited)

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