When All Else Fails…This Could Help

Sometimes,The  reason we don’t have what we want is that we don’t ask God for it. And even when we do ask, we probably don’t get it because  the motive is wrong—we  want only what will give you pleasure.

Have you ever had a problem, a bad habit, or a relational conflict that you couldn’t overcome or resolve no matter how hard you tried, how much you sought help, and even how much you prayed?

I am so thankful for this  very inspiring ,liberating and educative article.  i learnt that it is possible to ask amiss and it is such requests that are unanswered.It totally shows that when we put away self,and sincerely seek Gods will, answers come speedily….this story  written by Richard(Dick) Innes is guaranteed to change your disposition towards prayer,read and learn.Here goes

” For years I struggled with a relational conflict that I did everything I could think of to resolve—including getting intensive counseling and praying relentlessly.Finally in utter desperation I prayed, “God, I beg you to show me the truth of what I am still contributing to this situation I am in.”

Almost overnight I got the answer. I saw my super codependency. I hadn’t even heard of the word back then, but what I saw was that because I was trying to fix everybody else’s problems, I was blind to my own! And here I thought I was being a good Christian! Wrong. I was being a needy person; that is, I needed to feel needed in order to feel loved and that, of course, isn’t really love—or it is contaminated love at best—it’s need.

Once I saw the truth of what I was contributing, I knew what I had to do to fix my problem. As Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.I also realized that the only person’s problems I could fix were my own!

Why did it take so long to get my earlier prayers answered? It was because I’d been praying the wrong prayer. I’d been asking for deliverance from the symptoms (the external conflict) and not from the cause of my problem.

Many of our prayers aren’t answered because our aim is wrong; that is, we pray with false motives for the wrong thing!True, we need to treat our symptoms, but the reality is God wants to heal the root cause of our problems and make us whole, because if we don’t deal with the root cause/s, we can easily exchange one symptom for another.

So now, whenever I have a conflict or a problem, I always ask God to face or confront me with the truth of what I am contributing to it. Only then do I ask him to show me the truth of what others are contributing, and the truth or reality of the overall situation. The important thing always is to first face the truth about myself.

I have found whenever I pray for truth and mean it, God always answers. It is one of the most effective prayers I have ever prayed. It has changed my life. Often I don’t want to face the truth about myself because I am too afraid, so I also pray, “God I am willing to be made willing to face the truth about me no matter how much it might hurt.”

Not that it’s easy, but praying for truth is a sure-fire way to resolve most conflicts—or at least our part in them.

And when it comes to relationship conflicts, if two people will genuinely own up to their unresolved personal issues and problems (which are often at the root of many, if not most, conflicts), and each ask God to show them what they are contributing, I believe they will be able to resolve most conflicts. Each person needs to mean it with all their heart, otherwise it won’t work.


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