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Eliminate Negative Emotions Accept Responsibility

11 June 2018 Blog

 I would like to share with us today from  one of Brian Tracy’s Work, as you may already know Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian’s goal is to help people achieve personal and business goals faster and easier.He is one of my best too

Negative emotions may be part of life,that is true, but you know your wound often times is probably not your fault,but you must accept responsibility for your healing, be perfect in your imperfection,happy in your pain,strong in your weakness and beautiful in your eyes,

I encourage you to read this beautiful piece from Brain Tracy, You can thank me later, first let us start with an understanding of where negative emotions come from

Where Do Negative Emotions Come From?

The great business of life is to eliminate negative emotions. To solve this, we have to answer the question:

Where do negative emotions come from?

Almost all negative emotions depend on blaming someone or something else for negative situations that happen in their life. The problem here then, is that people hold on to those negative emotions, even if they cannot change the outcome and are angry about it.

The Key To Eliminating Negative Emotions

The key to eliminating negative emotions is this:

Take responsibility for yourself, your reactions and your situation.

You cannot take responsibility for your life, your situation, and your reactions and be negative at the same time. Your mind can only focus on one thought at a time, positive or negative.

So anytime you feel negative say to yourself over and over again:

I am responsible.

You might be thinking right now: “But Brian, in a situation involving other people, how can I be responsible for what they did?” 

Mahatma Ghandi said,you can not change how people treat you or what they say about you,all you can do ,is change how you react to it(This is very key)

Here’s why according to Brain tracy: In every situation, whether it involves you directly or not, you are always at least partially responsible for what happened.

You got yourself into the situation, you stayed in the situation, you did or said certain things in the situation, so you’re not completely innocent. You at least had something to do with it.

Here’s another possibility: Let’s say you had nothing to do with the negative situation, maybe you weren’t involved at all. You’re still responsible for how you respond to it.

This is what is called your ‘response-ability’ — your ability to respond in a positive way. And again, to respond in a positive way, you simply repeat to yourself “I am responsible.

You Have Complete Control

The truth is nobody can make you feel negative, other than you. If you think about things that make you feel unhappy or angry, you are going to feel negative. If you think about things that make you happy and excited about your life, you will  feel positive

The most important thing to remember about negative feelings is this: you have complete control over the way you feel, the way you respond to any situation and the things you think about at any minute of the day.

Exercise your ability to respond positively, take responsibility for your role in negative situations, and allow yourself to let go of negative feelings that might be trapped inside of you.


credit www.briantracy.com






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