Election Violence: Human Rights Commission Cautions Politicians

IMG_20150326_104825The National Human Rights Commission has advised politicians to be mature in character to avoid violence and hate in the general election.

The chairman of the commission, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu made the call at a pre- election briefing tagged ‘Protecting the People and Preserving their Franchise’.

Dr. Odinkalu stressed that the commission would deploy officers to 28 states of the federation to ensure that no politician perpetrate violence to win election.

Dr. Odinkalu expressed worry over the closure of courts in some states; a situation he said would affect the concerned states after the election.

He called on Nigerians to conduct themselves during the election for a peaceful poll.

The Chairman of The National Human Rights Commission noted that the commission had met with the various security agencies to know their stance in the protection of lives and property in the forthcoming elections.

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