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Eating Disorders And You

4 November 2016 Blog News Uncategorized


What is disordered eating?

Skipping breakfast, eating too much fast food, eating bags of chocolate then starving the whole next day, trying to figure out what to eat every day and what size body is right for us…choc

We eat the “wrong foods” or don’t follow the plan we set out for ourselves, then feel bad about ourselves and vow not to do it again. Interestingly it is not a gender thing,neither is it only  women who do this, now men do it too. It feels like a vicious addictive cycle.


Disordered eating is complicated and difficult to overcome, mostly because high calorie and less nutritious foods tend to taste better to us. However, this is not an eating disorder. Poor eating is unhealthy and can get us frustrated and down, and it can develop into an eating disorder, but in itself, it is not an actual disorder.

So What are eating disorders?

New research is revealing daily , that eating disorders are much like any other addiction. They affect the pleasure centers of the brain much like cocaine or heroin, and can be even more dangerous. Eating disorders are biologically based brain disorders.

According to medical experts, there are 3 classes of eating disorders:  ANOREXIA, BULIMIA and BINGE EATING DISORDER. The criteria used to make these diagnoses have recently changed and as  such, More people meet the diagnosis than ever before.

Anorexia makes one restrict their food intake to the point that it affects the brain, Bulimia is eating large amounts of food then throwing it up or purging,any means to get rid of food once it is eaten by taking laxatives or over excercising to burn off fat.Binge eating on the other hand is eating large amount of food in an out of control mannerbullimiaanox

Eating disorders are like other addictions because, without treatment, they will probably get worse.  Like with alcohol and drugs, over time, sufferes will need more of the “drug”, the eating disorder behavior, to get the high or numbing they seek.  If left untreated, it will get worse and cause more negative consequences.  It is like other addictions because even when you no longer like the effects and you try to quit, you can only go a short period of time until it comes back full force.


Interestingly,statistics have shown that up to half of people with substance addictions also have eating disorders.  Anyone in recovery knows how easy it is to change addictions, from drugs, to eating disorder, gambling, spending, etc.  It is common for one addiction to be replaced by another one, because all of them are brain disorders and until the brain is trained to do something other than numb out or get high, the addicted person’s brain’s “go to” will be some sort of addictive behavior.eatpers

So What Should One Do If You Suffer From  An Eating Disorder?

Like in other addictions, the eating disorder (sometimes called “food addiction”) convinces you that you don’t really have it or that it “isn’t that bad”. If you are reading this, it might be “that bad”. You might also be using drugs and alcohol, or be having other self harm behaviors such as cutting or burning yourself. Often, depression and anxiety go hand in hand with eating disorders. Put all this together, and you have a very complicated and dangerous problem. It is not likely that you can figure out on your own how to tackle these problems.


First, talk with your doctor. Be direct and honest with him or her, and ask for help. Surprisingly, many doctors do not know how to treat eating disorders. If your doctor doesn’t know what to do, consider finding another.

Second, seek therapy. An eating disorders specialist can help you identify the problem, and determine what sort of help you need. Be careful in choosing a specialist. Many therapists know very little about eating disorders, and therefore may be unhelpful.

Third, see a registered dietitian. Be sure they are registered and have training in eating disorders treatment. Eating disorders are complicated and dangerous and not just anyone can safely advise you how to eat properly.


Fourth, get a support system.family,friends,loved ones .You will need all the support you can get


Good luck!


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