Easy Come Easy Go; Embrace The Struggle Enjoy The Journey

When  we acquire something  easily we tend to forget it’s value and do not take care of it properly, so it will leave our hand (by breaking it, giving it to someone else, misplacing it or losing it somewhere).

When you get something after hard work fueled by your passion and desire  for it, you tend to respect your effort by keeping it safe or giving it its own respect due to the efforts you had put in. By this, something which you got will lasts for a longer time as you respect and take care of that.

Here is some common examples –

  • When a boy/girl looks for their partner to be in relationship, they approach the one who they want and when the opposite person accepts it easily, they both cheer the relationship for some time and later they lose interest, end up in breakup.
  • A child cries for a toy and gets a new one each time, he/she may be enthusiastic for a few days then shove it in the toy box a few days later but if that toy was earned maybe by meeting a target, doing some chores, practicing delayed gratification ,chances are that the child may value it more and keep it for a longer time
  • If you live with your parents, drive their cars, eat free food and so on you may be wreck less or wasteful, but when you start to work, earn your own money live in your own place and pay your own bills you tend to be more prudent

Where are you in your journey right now, It   is not abnormal to feel stuck in a rut sometimes, It happens even to the best of us.

We tend to want things to happen for us a little faster. Waiting is never easy. We want to get results as soon as possible, we want answers, and we want to stop the pains in whatever form they come as soon as they come

However in practice and more often than not ,whatever comes easy will tend to go easy as well, sometimes you will find in the long run that it is safer to follow due process and embrace your struggle’s a s you enjoy the journey to success

Keep your focus on the price and do not be discouraged. One day at a time is all it takes

Practice delayed gratification and you will definitely enjoy the benefits

Good Luck

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