Drug Abuse: Lawmarkers Demand NCAA Routinely Check Crew, Pilots

The House of Representatives has raised concerns on the  dangers of Pilots flying under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the country.

Adopting the resolutions to a motion sponsored by member representing Agege federal constituency of Lagos state Taofeek Aderanijo, the house ordered relevant aviation authorities to carry out comprehensive checks to avert any air mishap from such conduct.

Leading the debate the lawmaker expressed worry over the rate at which  aircraft crew members were addicted to drug use and abuse.

Aderanijo further cited instances in 2016 and 2017 when medical certificates of five crew members were  suspended because they tested positive to marijuana during a drug test conducted on participants of cabin crew training basic course at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology in Zaria.

The house thereafter urged Airline owners to regularly ensure that only responsible pilots and crew members are allowed to fly aircrafts.

The lawmakers unanimously called on the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to routinely subject members of crew and pilots to various tests before and after flights to determine their fitness to fly.

By: Aisha Adesanya/Abuja

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