Driver Takes Up Four Parking Spaces And Gives Funny Explanation

A cheeky driver in Lincolnshire, England, took up four parking spaces to accommodate his ‘pride and joy’ and branded other drivers as ‘idiots’.

A previous photo shows the car taking up four spots while a more recent one came out on Monday showing the same car parked across two parking spaces.

The pictures were uploaded to the Facebook community group Spotted Spalding.

Source: DailyMail

Fabio Silva, who claims to be the owner, was more than happy to explain his controversial parking technique, reports Lincolnshire Live.

He wrote: ‘Nothing quite like parking and taking up four spaces.

‘Start spending hundreds of pounds on your car and then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

‘Sorry for not wanting idiots ruining my pride and joy.’

The images provoked got him attention, but not necessarily the best kind in this case.

Facebook post taking up 4 parking spaces

One person posted: ‘And to think the person driving the car was the fastest swimmer! What a poor gene pool,’ one user commented. 

Another said: ‘Tell him to get better insurance. One that covers vandalism.

‘My neighbour did mine on purpose and I ended up being a couple of grand better off.’

Some folks could relate to the cheeky driver’s sentiments and were quick to show this;

And seeing someone open their door on another car I don’t blame them for parking their car like that.’

What do you think of this driver and his logic, arrogant or sensible?

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