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Do You Know Your Dominant Trait, Take The Quiz,Find Out

12 February 2020 Blog

Have you ever noticed how your energy feels?  Does it change with circumstances? And if it does, do you tend to fall back into a dominant energy pattern that seems to run through your whole life?  Whether it’s a positive or negative vibration?

I know that I do.

So taking a quiz on dominant traits was interesting to me, as I think it will be to you. find one online and take it, there are lots of them

It’s always good to find ways to check in with where we are within ourselves, in case it’s time to re brand what’s happening in our inner world.

And dear ones, this is especially important if the way life is looking right now isn’t to your liking.I have come to know that sometimes getting lost is a beautiful place to be because again sometimes when you loose yourself its really just as well, for at that point you start to find yourself

The beauty of these tests is that they are almost always nearly accurate and if they represent you well, you will be guided as regards taking steps to re-brand yourself or not.We all make the mistake of going through life so sure of where we are headed, what a nerve we have., So life and events may occur and help us realize that we really do not have that much power and redirect us to our maker and most superior one

Make sure therefore to check in every now and then, just to be sure.

All the best

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