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Do We Really Need An Office; 4 Effective Skills For Working From Home

28 September 2020 Blog

Among the  Silver linings  to the global pandemic as a result of  the outbreak of Covid-19 is the fact that  we are most likely to wind up with numerous new skills we have all been forced to acquire in these times. On of the most Amazing discoveries  for many is how much we can get done from the comfort of ones  own home

In short, Is it absolutely necessary to have people working in an  an office space  to run an organization

Everybody has an opinion on this — and everyone did even before the pandemic. But, Even now, it was difficult to find really good statistics with which to conclude on the matter. That decision is yours to make .However let us focus on what works 

Without a doubt great advantages accrue from working from home, at the same time it can be insanely difficult, yet when faced with challenges, some Humans find power to search deeper within and birth yet more potential, Here are a few of such skills  ,if you learn these, you will acquire emotional intelligence and work better remotely

1.Master the art of multitasking

A lot of the time you will be distracted, If you are a mum with kids who are also remotely learning you may find yourself shuttling between your makeshift desk to theirs, while sometimes cooking meals and changing diapers

your ability to multitask will make or break you at this time and if it makes you ,you will be better for it

2.Breaking The Ice

Small talk can come in as a handy skill to break the ice at virtual meetings if you  know how to do it properly.

When  you have been away from work and colleagues for so long it creates some distance small talk helps develop rapport–showing genuine interest in the other persons wellbeing is invaluable. Ask how they have been keeping, ask about their families, Express empathy


3.Be Vulnerable

Share a bit of you, do not be too distant at virtual meetings, you should not always use only Audio, turn you camera on  sometimes, or ask to turn it off and continue with audio if need be. There exist enough physical distancing as it is, let other attendees  see your face and feel the connection that comes from allowing them into your personal space, these are subtle but deliberate actions but they have mind blowing effects, By all means also try to create a pleasant view in most cases by looking professional and respectful ,Never show up in pajamas just because you are home-and if you can, keep the space around you on-screen neat and tidy



4.Avoid Ambiguity practice effective communication

keep your message as simple and clear as possible. sound can be distorted, signals may be lost and  a whole lot can be misunderstood. If you are the host there can be a tendency to assume that you have all the answers.  you want to project confidence and at the same time you do not want to loose information ,misunderstand anyone or be misunderstood. It is ok to ask again and again until you and everybody else have a clear understanding of issues, This will further enhance effective communication and listening skills




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