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Do Not Loose It Before You Value It, Here Are 5 ways How

15 January 2020 Uncategorized

As the proverb has it: “You only know what you’ve got when it’s gone.” Unfortunately, many people only realize the fortune they had when they lose it. We all are guilty of taking the blessings in our daily lives for granted  .And why is that? Because most people focus on what is not working and cannot value what they already have!

We forget to be thankful for they joy of having our parents around until we loose them.we take the people in our lives for granted all the time

Waking up daily with eyes to see, feet to walk, food to eat,a roof over your head, a job to go to, a family to return to is a big deal.When we make thanksgiving a lifestyle and place value on what we have, we attract even more value because value begets value

Now I know its hard to believe that things will change for the better when virtually nothing is working all around you, so many youth will do whatever it takes for a job opportunity outside the country. Its amazing how you can exchange what we have for what you think you really want and then realize you had a lot going for you already that you did not really appreciate and it may be just the simple everyday things like food .I had a good laugh when a friend told how she willingly paid good money for a kilo of yam abroad, that same amount will buy 5 or 6 big tubers back home here her, “I used to complain so much back then when mama boiled yam for us each morning, now I cant hold my excitement at eating yam once in a while and I am ready to pay handsomely too”

We hope for big, bright and fascinating miracles, but we have forgotten a long time ago to take notice of the small wonders that happen day after day. A society that continuously wants more without realizing that less can be the “added value” everyone tries to generate so desperately.

How to appreciate what you have?

Discovering the advantages of your life is not difficult. All it takes is the willingness to look at your life from a different perspective than you are used to..

The following tips will assist you in valuing what you have and in discovering the true blessings in your life!

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Stop making unhealthy comparisons of yourself and By all means never judge yourself by the standards of others
  3. visit hospitals and you will be reminded why you need to be grateful(read that again)
  4. keep a positive attitude and smile always , it just makes you feel happy if when your circumstances say different
  5. let go of negativity, forgive and free your mind


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