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Dear Mum,Enjoy The Company Of Your Children Now

27 September 2017 Blog Mum's Diary News

So the holidays are ongoing and often times its one complain or another between mothers comparing notes on how the 

children are a handful,they are all over the place , they leave us no time to rest ,their demands are unending etc

Well This beautiful post written by a mother(Name unknown) will having you thinking again, I have not once complained since i read it, instead i am grateful and feel blessed and most priviledged, you should too. Here is what she wrote….

There were days when my home used to be filled with laughter,arguments,fights,jokes,and loads of mischeif. Books ,pens and clothes littered the rooms.i would daily shout at them to tidy up.In the mornings, i would be exhausted from getting them ready for school, one would say Mama,I can not find my book,another would echo me neither,where is my home work and yet another would say one of my shoes is missing..i cold hardly wait for them to grow up and be responsible enough to take care of their stuff,hmmn it was such a hard time or so i thought.Little did i know that even the so called mess they made, many benefits acrue

Seems like it was only yesterday but a whole lot has changed and i wonder what the hurry for them to grow up was about.. On today, i stand at the doorway looking around me,The beds are empty! All the cupboards are neatly arranged with only a few abandoned clothes in them…everyone had a special smell,so i take in the smell of their perfume for maybe,just maybe it will  soothe the empty ache in my heart. Only the memory of their laughter,mischeif and warm hugs  gets me through the day..What a world!

I look forward to their visits which are never long enough and when they are ready to leave, pulling their bags , it is as if they tug my heart along with it, i fight back the tears as i remember the times i yelled at them to  leave me alone to have some peace and quiet, i would ask them out of my room and tell them to close the doors  behind them…


Here I am now,closing my own doors wishing they were here to open them ,but each one grown and gone to different cities in different countries in pursuit of career and to find their path in life.my daily prayer is..Oh God,take care of them be their guide and protector,always keep them safe and happy……

Now if your children are at that stage when you need to talk and talk and talk before you get them to do basic tasks, enjoy it, when they cant get enough of your time, count your blessings,when you are tired and spent and expect them to leave you alone but they want to be in your hair, hold your breath, before you yell, remember they will someday and sooner than you think,grow up and leave your home.

By all means be creative with ways in which to enjoy your children’s company and let them enjoy yours.What will you do differently in this regard today?

Always your in motherhood(sharing my thoughts)

Mimi Dogo





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