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Dalung Warns Dare To Be Wary Of Over-Ambitious Sports Stakeholders

24 October 2019 Sport

The immediate past minister of sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung has warned his successor, Sunday Dare to be wary of over ambitious and over-zealous members of the sports family.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja, the former minister of sports hinted that the sports sector is filled to the brim with self serving stakeholders.

Dalung said “He (Dare) must be wary of over ambitious and over-zealous people who are found in the sports family. They are always there.

“Once you come in as a minister, they are always there. They come around with portfolios of their personal demands well packaged.

“It would look like something in the interest of the nation but it is their personal interest.

If you are not careful with them, they drag you into the mud and create enmity for you. “So the new minister must be very careful with those who are welcoming him.

When you become the minister of sports, the music you will hear will range from afro juju, reggae, hip-hop, all sorts of music, all tinted with personal interest. He must be wary of all of them.”

Dalung also charged his successor to build on the solid foundation which he said took him more than three years to lay for sports in Nigeria “I would want him to move sports to the next level.

I spent three years battling to lay a solid foundation for sports. And of course I believe the right foundation has been laid. “The sports federations are very active.

Sports is at its peak in Nigeria. He only needs to co-ordinate very well so that we can begin to harvest the benefits of the past three and half years,” he said.


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