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Customs Impounds Over 1500 Cartons Of Codeine, Tramadol, Others

5 July 2019 News

The Federal Operations Unit Zone A of the Nigeria Customs Service has impounded more than 1500 cartons of codeine syrup in Lagos.

Packs of Tramadol tablets and other prohibited contraband items that were falsely declared were also seized.

This may be an indication that the illicit trading and consumption of codeine and other controlled drugs have continued unabated inspite of government’s ban.

It is an established fact that Nigeria’s borders are porous and largely unmanned.

This is why prohibited items and other contraband goods continue to find their way into the country, even with the constant seizures of smuggled goods by the Customs.

The latest seizures made by operatives of the federal operations unit zone A, further shows that smugglers are relentless.

More than 1500 cartons of codeine syrup were traced to a warehouse in Lagos.

For some of the contraband items that were cleverly concealed or falsely declared to beat customs inspection, the customs authority warned that combating smuggling is a constant warfare.

Trucks loaded with more than 25,000 bags of foreign parboiled rice were among the goods intercepted, while dried donkey skin, second hand clothing and 16 exotic cars worth hundreds of millions of Naira were also impounded.


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