COVID-19: PTF Cautions Nigerians Against Use Of Recycled Surgical Face Masks

The Presidential Task Force on COVID19 has warned Nigerians against the use of recycled surgical face masks picked from dump sites.

The Chairman of the Task Force and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Boss Mustapha who gave the warning at the daily briefing by the PTF in Abuja, noted that the use of recycled face mask was not only hazardous to the user but also others.

​”Particularly, the PTF has become aware of the on-going practice of sharing masks and picking of masks for recycling from dump sites. This places a lot of responsibilities on all of us to be self-educated and to educate others. The following points are emphasized.”

“It is very risky to share masks as the virus is capable of remaining on surfaces for several hours and you could get infected.”

Mr. Mustapha who also spoke against the sharing of masks noted that such actions could lead to the risks of contracting the Coronavirus.

The SGF therefore urged Nigerians to always dispose properly of their surgical masks or at best burn them.

He however noted that the home-made masks made of cotton could be re-used after washing and ironing them.

“We shall continue to put in place strategies and measures targeted at flattening the curve of this coronavirus while at the same time urging and persuading you to comply. “he added.

On his part,the Minster of Health,Dr Enahire Osagie said the Ministry of Health was working with its agencies, other organs of Government and multinational organizations in continuous efforts to control transmission with tried, tested and innovative measures.

‘The nature of this outbreak, as we have observed in other countries, is such that the sustainability of any strategy may be challenged as time goes on, by evolving realities at home and across the globe.”

“We therefore encourage the organs of State maintaining vigilance at our borders, including our Port Health Services, to keep up the good work and not to tire or relent.”

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COVID-19 is Real! Wear your masks always & wash your hands, too.