COVID-19: Pastor Ube Urges Christian To Think, Speak Positively

Christians have been urged to bridle their tongues by speaking positively to the challenges confronting them and the world at large.

Senior Pastor “Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide” Pastor Godwin Ube made the call in his Sunday sermon via Facebook.

Speaking on what he titled” Victory over your Enemies” from the book of Isaiah 41-21, Ube who stressed that confession was made unto Salvation that the mouth ultimately determines the victory.

He explained that until the tongue is taught how to function, supernatural victory may never come to one’s way.

In Luke 21:15, Jesus said: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

To walk in supernatural victory, your tongue must be Word-bridled – it must be scripturally disciplined, because it decides the end of every battle.

The senior pastor noted that for one to be able to confront the enemies, he or she must release faith, present the case to God, address the situation and must wait for heavenly response.

“Releasing of faith is the greatest asset of every conqueror. It’s a known fact that most battles are lost to fear, because it takes faith to become a conqueror.”

“The fearful don’t have a future of victory. That is why the enemy aims at your faith in every battle. If he can get at it, he has made a victim of you.”

‘You must be armed with faith when going to war. Don’t be afraid of the opposition; instead, be conscious of God’s presence.”

“The depth of your faith, determines the strength of your voice, and the strength of your voice determines the response from God.”the pastor said.

Many are too feminine to walk in supernatural victory and it takes spiritual bravery to command supernatural victory!

He said Christians need spiritual violence to walk in supernatural victory.

“You can’t be beggarly and operate in victory; you have to be confrontational, daring, disregarding the comments of those around you, Refuse To Be Terrified”

Ube noted that it is not everything you say that comes to pass but the things said boldly in the Lord get accomplished.

“You have to speak loud against sickness, poverty, and all satanic harassment. The louder your voice, the greater your victory”

The senior pastor therefore appealed to Christians go ahead and declare it not just talking, but speaking with authority, refusing to be terrified by the adversary.

“The Spirit of God in a person strengthens the inner man. It is clear in the Book of Acts, how unusual faith exploded in the apostles, after the Holy Ghost came upon them”

Pastor Ube who called on Christians to renew their faith explained that It was the unusual faith that exploded in Peter gave him victory over the people who gave their lives to Christ.

He added that supernatural victory is a way of life but we need help from God as His children to access supernatural victory, when a person is born of God, he automatically has the Spirit of God in him.

It is this Spirit of God in him that will make boldness, inner strength and confidence become his birthright.

Georgina Humphrey/Abuja

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