Couple Arrested By Police After Baby Dies During Domestic Fight

The Ondo State Police Command have arrested a man and his wife, Mr and Mrs Ijokun, whose 2 weeks old baby died while they were fighting over domestic issues.

According to eyewitness account, CRIMECHANNELS learnt that the little child was strapped to his mother’s back during the fight.
It was gathered that when taken to the Police station, they couldn’t say want really happened to their baby.

Meanwhile, a woman who claimed to be a sister to the female suspect said that her sister has always been a punching bag to Mr Ekene Ijokun, especially during pregnancy.

She said, “The baby was strapped to the back of Rose when her husband, Ekene started a verbal attack on her before it resulted into physical combat.”

“I didn’t see it as anything as they usually have such fight and make amends after. But this time, it was the other way round as the disagreement degenerated into a physical combat which eventually claimed the life of the innocent baby.”

“The baby was hale and hearty before the incident. I removed the baby from her back and placed him on the bed. That was when I realised the baby was lifeless.”

Reacting to the incident, the Olisa of Eleyowo, Chief Eso Ojo, described the death of the 2 weeks old child as unfortunate. He said that there has been reports by several people on the constant fighting of the couples.
“It’s unfortunate it ended this way, ” he added.

He however, called for calm and peace, adding that the case is being handled by the Ondo State Police command.


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