Conflict Resolution; Do You Express Or Do You Explode

What makes you get angry or upset you? Do you know your triggers?

Understanding your triggers will help you better manage unpleasant circumstances whenever or however they present themselves

The best response when handling conflicts is to attack the issue/issues and not the person/persons involved

When you are in a conflict situation do you feel the need to address and resolve the issues or do you go all out to give the offender a piece of your mind? Do you express   yourself nicely or do you explode?

When you   express yourself  ,you respond to and resolve the issues. On the other hand when you explode you tear the person or persons involved apart causing more damage, By all means always choose the former

Outgrowing those around you due to their unnecessary drama and negativity  is okay, never stoop low to the level of attack via an indecent verbal exchange, It is so much easier to avoid the drama and move on. However, moving on is never easy, but once you figure out how to do so in order to avoid unpleasant drama , you will realize it was the best decision you have ever made

 By this singular resolve to express yourself and not let anything or anyone steal your smile you can be sure you will daily have a positive impact on the world around you, what you do definitely makes a difference, think deeply about it and decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Good Luck

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