Christians Urged To Work For God’s Kingdom

 Christians have been admonished  to  work for God’s Kingdom.

The assistant parish priest of Holy Family Catholic, Life camp Abuja , reverend father Amound Maubor, said this during his Sunday homily.

According to him,” God  wants to give everyone the same reward, that is, salvation, eternal life.  The owner of the vineyard who represents God, goes out at dawn and hires a group of workers, agreeing with them on the day’s wages.   It was a fair wage . ”

The man of God said there are no unemployed people in the Kingdom of God,  and there will be a reward from divine justice for everyone in the end not from human ,but the salvation that Jesus Christ acquired for us with his death and Resurrection, a salvation which is not deserved, but donated.

He said  Christians  are called to do their part; With this parable, Jesus wants to open our hearts to the logic of the Father’s love which is free and generous.That it  allows oneself to be astonished and fascinated by the “thoughts” and the “ways” of God which, as the Prophet Isaiah recalls, are not our thoughts and not our ways.

Reverend Manubo said  human thoughts are often marked by selfishness and personal advantages, and our narrow and contorted paths are not comparable to the wide and straight streets of the Lord.

According to the clergy  ‘Jesus wants  Christians to contemplate the gaze of that landowner: the gaze with which he looks upon each of the labourers searching for work and calls them to go to his vineyard, It is a gaze which is filled with attention, kindness.

That it invites Christians  to get up and begin a journey because he wants life for each of us; he wants a full, committed life, safe from emptiness and inertia, God excludes no one and wants each of us to achieve his or her fullness. This is the love of our God, of our God who is Father.


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