Christians Have Been Urge To Prepare For The Kingdom of God

11 October 2020 National News News




The parish priest of Holy Family Catholic Life Camp, reverend father Anthony Olaniyon, said christians should always get prepared  to respond  to God’s call.

According to him, through Jesus, God invites his people into a deeper relationship, yet how often the chosen refuse to reply to the divine summons and that same invitation, “Come to the feast!” is shouted as loudly in our ears today as it was centuries ago when Jesus first told this story to the Jewish leaders.

The man of God  says, Jesus is saying that this is the way God acts towards all of us. He is not a vindictive God or a punishing God but trying in so many different ways to show how much he loves and cares for us.

Father Olaniyon said that  God’s response is very different, He allowed His only son that was  killed on the cross to become the very Saviour of us all. However, God wants to bring about his kingdom here on earth and if christians  refuse to cooperate with God he will choose others in their place not as punishment but simply that they will bear the fruit that will help to bring about his kingdom.

According to him,this is the Parable of the Open door. Yet there is the dynamics of qualification/disqualification by the provision of the wedding garments of purity and love.If we know what heaven is going to be like, we may now be in a better position to appreciate Christ’s message in today’s parable.

He said  the basic message is that there is now an open invitation for the kingdom of heaven for everybody but one thing we can be sure of is that not everyone can enter there, that  Christ said that ‘many are called but few are chosen’.The clergy man pray for peace in our  country and for all christians 





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