Christians Have Been Urge To Focus on God And The Things That Are Above

The parish priest of holy family catholic church, life camp, reverend father Anthony Olaniyon, said lack or shortage is a characteristic phenomenon of humankind.

According to him, we are always in need of something. It is either our desires are insufficiently met or they are not forthcoming at all. We lack food, drink, shelter, good health, happiness, divine presence etc. With Jesus in our lives however, our lack and shortage turns to abundance.

Father Olaniyon said during his homily that therefore we should ‘come to (him) the water all who are thirsty, even without money’ for he, the Lord, ‘opens wide his hand to grant our desires’.

According to the man of God, nothing can ever interfere between us and Christ’s love; not food, worry or persecution’ . That is why he looks out for us with compassion and feeds us even with limited resources as he did to the five thousand men .

The clergy man said if God made the world out of nothing, why won’t he sustain man, his ultimate creature through difficult and rough moments of his life?.

That God, loves us beyond telling and he doesn’t wait for us to ask him for assistance before helping us.


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